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The Kin Collective aims to present at least two full-scale productions each calendar year, as well as one new work every other year.


Our full scale productions will aim to fill a gap in the current theatre market, producing (primarily) British and North American works often overlooked by Australian main stage companies due to their cast size, required accent work and/or challenging subject matter.

Some examples of the writers we would like to produce are John Patrick Shanley, Martin McDonagh, Harold Pinter, Jez Butterworth and Mike Bartlett. Wherever possible, it is our intention to tour our work both domestically and regionally, and eventually overseas. Where a production enjoys particular success and is picked up by a larger company, The Kin Collective will need its own creative and financial partners to form manageable and fruitful relationships with other programmers.


Where a play (and particularly a new work) is fit for touring in a regional and/or domestic capacity, we would expect to be ‘presented’ by primarily local government programs. Again, our ability to offer these opportunities to our cast and crew in a dynamic and creatively fulfilling way is only possible with the practical support of long-term partners and sponsors.


It is our absolute priority to establish these partnerships in a way that promotes the creative and financial interests of both parties.


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The 5 Year Plan



There are three ways to support The KIN Collective:

1) Make a tax deductible donation to support our 2017 Season through the Australian Cultural Fund

2) Become an official sponsor and cross-promote your business or organisation with The KIN Collective

3) Come and see our shows! Subscriptions to the #KIN2017 season are available for purchase until May 24, 2017

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