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The Ensemble

Michala Banas

Michala’s acting career started very early, with her first film credit at the age of 5, in her native New Zealand. Since then, she has forged a remarkable film and television career.


After moving to Australia in 1988, Michala worked on several productions before her breakout television role in Always Greener (Channel 7). Scooby Doo, McLeods Daughters (Channel 9), and Winners and Losers (Channel 7) soon followed.

More recently, she portrayed Carolyn Russell in the tele-movie true story of Beaconsfield (Channel 9), to much acclaim. It was her portrayal of two naughty puppets in her stage debut in Avenue Q that earned Michala a 2010 Helpmann Award for Best Lead Female in a Musical.


Michala has just finished a tour of Reg Cribb’s play The Haunting of Daniel Gartrell with Samuel Johnson and Max Gillies, and is currently starring in the award nominated ABC comedy series Upper Middle Bogan alongside Glenn Robbins and Robyn Nevin.

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